The Disadvantages of Link Building

The Disadvantages of Link Building

Yes, Link Building sounds like an opportunity-giver and a door-opener. But like all good things, it has its own bad side. So before turning to link building, the disadvantages must also be considered. These are some of the disadvantages:

Inbound Links

Now, it was previously established that getting inbound links is a good thing. But here’s the catch: the inbound links must come with good PRs. If not, the website might also decrease in PR such as the inbound linking site. Keeping up with the competition, at the same time, balancing the need for external links with good PRs and avoiding the ones with low PRs seem like a handful. Also, one must also be diligent enough to look for trusted websites that might support other his or her website. Since inbound links work both ways, one must also learn to work the same way. This could be considered a job for the “brave of heart.”

Mutual Feelings

Having reciprocal links, might do more harm than good. Because aside from making a website visible or searchable, this could also encourage viewers to check other related sites. This could lead to reduced sales, reads or views. So sometimes, having mutual feelings or links, for this matter, is not beneficial for either party.

Time is of the Essence

Time is of the Essence

From the time the idea of a blog has popped up to the time where more viewers are needed to get a good PR, a lot of time has already passed. Link building is not an overnight-coffee-inspired act. It is a process filled with more nights spent improving the website and most probably, more coffee needed than usual. If by luck, the website becomes more popular, more time is required to accommodate the current clients. But for the most part, getting reliable inbound links need more time and it may take months or years. So double time on the offers and coupons and discounts is highly encouraged to boost up the site’s PR.

Standards, Standards, Standards

Like it or not, one must think of the readers as more of a lifeline. Since the readers cause the increase in PR and in the possibility of getting more inbound links, it is important that the content written or discussed must catch their attention more than once. They must see the site as a benefit, and not just a passing tab on their browsers. It must allow them to shop online, be informed or at least enjoy the things the website has to offer. Remember, the customer is always right.


  1. This is true. No matter how good link building might sound, it still comes with its own set of disadvantages, like so many things in life. Still, one cannot deny the fact that it is a practical and workable shortcut to getting the exposure that your website needs, so nobody’s really complaining.

  2. I agree. Linkbuilding should be done accordingly to the need of each site. Most webmaster just go on link buying spree without considering the backlash it brings.

  3. Just like everything in this world, linkbuilding campaigns should focus on quality rather than quantity. A healthy site does have good amount of quality links to boost it and also need to possess quality content.

  4. Links have always been a very important part of seo. It always pays a good deal of investing to do so.

  5. I don’t see any disadvantage of doing linkbuilding. In fact, may SEO specialists are going crazy over links!

  6. The disadvantage of having performed so much link-building on a single site is when these links turned out to be toxic!

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